Competition Overview

Handgun Shooting Matches and Calibres

In accordance with the Victoria Police Approved Handgun Shooting Match List (find copy here), the following matches are regularly held at SSPC Springvale and/or Little River Ranges,

ISSF 25 METRE: The match consists of two separate 30 shots of fire. The two stages are “Precision” and “Rapid Fire”. The Precision stage is shot at 25m on a precision target with five minutes allowed for each five shot series. The Rapid Fire stage is also shot at 25m, but the target turns toward the shooter for three seconds and away for seven seconds. It can be shot with .22 calibre revolvers and semi-automatics (Standard Pistol) or with revolvers or semi-automatics from .32 up to .45 calibre (Centre Fire). ISSF 25 Metre is the most popular and accessible competition that the club runs.

AIR PISTOL: This match is a slow fire match which is shot at 10m on a 12mm ten-ring target. Air pistol is an excellent match to learn handgun shooting fundamentals: the guns used in Air pistol are extremely accurate, are easy to control and have no recoil.

METALLIC SILHOUETTE AT EAGLE PARK SHOOTING COMPLEX: Metallic Silhouette necessitates the use of powerful magnum handguns: the main course is shot at ranges of 50m, 100m, 150m and 200m on steel targets (chickens at 50m, pigs at 100m, turkeys at 150m and rams at 200m). There are four divisions in Metallic Silhouette: Standing, Revolver, Production and Unlimited. The .357 Magnum is an absolute minimum for this competition. More information can be found here: Metallic Silhouette

IPSC: In Practical competition, a variety of target types are used (both paper and steel, stationary and moving, scoring targets and penalty targets). There is no set way these targets are arranged, nor even how many targets are used in a single match. More information can be found here: IPSC

IPSC 3 GUN: This IPSC competition involves the use of a hangun, a shotgun and a rifle in the one stage.

AUSTRALIAN POLICE AND SERVICE PISTOL: This service match is shot at ranges from 50 metres down to 7 metres and consists of 90 shots. Throughout competition shooters are required to shoot prone, sitting, kneeling and standing from a barricade position with right and left hand.

SINGLE ACTION (“COWBOY”) SHOOTING: Competition in a Cowboy Action match generally requires four guns: two revolvers, a shotgun, and a rifle chambered in a centre fire revolver caliber of a type in use prior to 1899. All Cowboy Action handguns must be “single-action”, meaning that the hammer must be manually cocked before each shot can be fired. More information can be found here: Cowboy Action Shooting


Our club calendar has full details on when are where these competitions are held. The calendar can be found here: Calendar