Purchasing Your First Handgun

In order to be given the required “endorsement” by the club in the purchase of a members first General Category Handgun;


(A) You must hold a ‘full‘ General Category Handgun licence.

You should also decide which of the sport shooting discipline/s you want to participate in.

This WILL impact what type of handgun is best to purchase as a beginner target shooter.

Don forget to ASK fellow shooters at the range and also your Range Officers!

We are ALL here to help get you started in the sport.

To assist in which discipline, see HERE for a full list of Victoria Police Approved Handgun Shooting Matches.

This list will also assist in indicating which of the competitions you are entering in support of your Permit to Acquire.

(B) Make sure you have a suitable safe to store your handgun/s in. See HERE for our guide to Securing Firearms.

(C) Before a new member can purchase any class of handgun, they must successfully complete a competency test under the supervision of a Range Officer.

The requirements for testing are;

  1. You must shoot 10 rounds at a standard ISSF target at 25M.
  2. You must fire 10 shots ONLY taking as much time as you need.
  3. All ten shots must be scoring shots INSIDE the 1 point scoring ring on the target.
  4. If you complete a test target with a .22 caliber pistol you are qualified to purchase an air pistol or a .22 caliber pistol.
  5. If you complete a test target with a .38/.357 caliber revolver you are qualified to purchase a Centrefire revolver or a .22 and smaller but not for a Centrefire semi-auto.
  6. If you complete a test target with a 9mm Centrefire semi-automatic pistol you are considered qualified to purchase all classes of handgun from .22 caliber up to .357 caliber.
  7. New members who have less than 12 months competition experience are not permitted use/purchase of .45 caliber pistols. Post 12 months membership is required and at least 4 competitions with a score of 300 or better are the requirements for .45 caliber pistol endorsement by the club.
  8. Should any 1 of the 10 shots at the test target be non scoring or missed from the target, then another test session on a different day/attendance will need to completed, as more practice is required.
  9. Once you have successfully completed your competency test the Range Officer supervising you will complete our SSPC PTA Attachment – Competency Test form.
  10. You will need to submit this form along with the Permit to Acquire, and a SSPC Form 3, to the SSPC Committee for assessment to approve your handgun purchase.

(D) With steps (A) to (C) in place you may go out and find a handgun. Most dealers will let you either pay a deposit or the full cost of the handgun you choose and keep it in storage until you can obtain your Permit to Acquire. This way you know exactly, make, model, serial number etc. that is required on your permit application.

(E) Download the Permit to Acquire form from www.sspc.org.au and complete all relevant sections.

(F) Fill out the SSPC ‘Form 3‘ with the same information and submit the Form 3 with your PTA.

(G) Once you have completed the SSPC PTA Attachment – Competency Test form, the Permit to Acquire, and a SSPC Form 3, scan and email all documents to info@sspc.org.au.

(H) For more information see the SSPC FAQ – Purchasing First Handgun.

(I) For members who already have firearms, a Form 3 is still required with every purchase and a test target is required if you are ‘moving up’ in calber from that which you have previously been successfully tested. Please see the SSPC FAQ – Purchasing a Handgun.