How Much Does It Cost?

SSPC Fees                                

2017 to 2018 (April 30)      

Joining Fee – New Member

(Includes first year membership fee)
Adult Member – $400.00
Family Member (additional) – $160.00
Junior (12 – 18 years) – No Charge
Pensioner – $300.00

Annual Membership Fee – Yearly Renewal
Adult Member – $200.00
Family Member (additional) – $160.00
Junior (12 – 18 years) – No Charge
Pensioner – $160.00

The SSPC membership year runs from 1 May to 30 April each year.

Your Joining Fee covers your membership until the end of the membership year.

So if you join SSPC in August, then your joining fee covers you until the 30th of April the following year, after which your Membership Fee is due.


The cost of an SSAA membership varies depending on the category and options chosen. Similarly the range fees at the Springvale Range vary according to SSAA membership type.

See the SSAA Victoria web site for more information.

Please remember that every time you shoot at the Springvale Range you must pay the range fee (unless you have a pre-paid Range Pass) and collect your receipt.

Your receipt is your proof of payment and coverage for Public Liability Insurance and therefore must be retained on your person while at the range.

Victoria Police

The Victoria Police have fees for taking your fingerprints and the issuing of Provisional and Full Handgun Licences.

Information on these fees can be found here: Victoria Police Firearm Licence Information