Club Handguns

The SSPC owns over 50 handguns that are available for use by members. We have a wide range of .22, 9mm, .357 and .45 calibre pistols. Members are able to use these firearms at no cost, except for the cost of the ammunition they use.

You can view the types of handguns that we own

Ammunition must be new, can be purchased from front counter or reloads from Saffire Trading

Full Metal Jacket ammunition strictly not allowed

Power factor must not exceed 180

Purchasing a Handgun

Although members have access to club handguns, anyone who is serious about their shooting will want to own their own guns.

Purchasing a handgun is a complex process and involves a number of steps that are detailed

Securing Firearms

Schedule 4 of the Firearms Act 1996 sets out the minimum legal storage requirements for general category handguns.
As well as the requirements set out in the Firearms Act, SSPC requires that members store their handguns:

In a steel safe which is sold in Australia for the purposes of storing general category handguns, or

In a steel safe which has a minimum thickness (walls and door) of 6mm.

The security of the safe must not rely on external hinges or locks
(e.g. no padlocks).

If more than 15 firearms are stored on the premises then an intruder alarm must be fitted.

If the safe weighs less than 150 kilograms then it must be securely fixed in place.

More detailed information on securing your handgun is available.