The Handgun Safety Awareness Course is run by Victoria Police accredited
SSPC Firearms Safety Instructors, and is the next step in obtaining your General Category Handgun licence.

You MUST complete the course AND PASS the required exam BEFORE being eligible to join the SSPC and
apply for a Provisional Handgun Licence.


Before attending this course you MUST have;

Completed the Introduction to Handguns Course,

Documented at least three (3) NORI shoots in your Introduction to Handguns course book,

Documented sign off by Training Range Officer of ALL the LEVEL 1 Competencies in your
Training for Your Handgun License book.

*** Attendees presenting for the course WITHOUT the above completed WILL NOT be admitted to the course, and there are NO REFUNDS.

The course runs over a four hour period and takes into account the previous completion of the Introduction to Handguns Course and the 3 required NORI shoots and part qualifies successful attendees in applying for a Provisional Handgun License.

Delivery of the course is divided into two sessions:

Theory Component – in training room (about 2 hours)
  • Safe handling of handguns.
  • Basic handgun types and actions.
  • Basic ballistics including reloading.
  • Legislation pertaining to handguns.
  • There will be a written test on the theory component.
Practical Component – in training room & on range (about 2 hours)
  • Safe handling of handguns
  • Making safe a handgun
  • Loading and unloading a handgun
  • Safe clearance of malfunctions
  • Live fire exercise
  • Assessment of the practical component will be documented whilst on range

The course will have breaks for using range facilities and the bistro is open for lunch and light refreshments.
Complimentary Coffee and Tea making facilities are also available.

The cost of the course is $140.00 which includes range entry, tuition and ammunition.

On successful completion of this course you will receive an official Victoria Police Handgun Safety Course

You will need to include a copy of this when you apply for SSPC membership.

You will also need a “certified copy” of this when you apply for your Provisional Handgun License.

You will be using another NORI to shoot this course so Download HERE and pre-complete a NORI Form.

Course Bookings

The Handgun Safety Course is run from the Springvale Range. Courses start at 9:30am SHARP and will conclude around 2:30-3.00pm.

Late attendees will NOT be permitted and there are NO REFUNDS!

You will need to book and pay for your course online before attending. Courses are limited to 12 participants.

Note: You MUST have completed the Introduction to Handguns course and training requirements BEFORE attending the Handgun Safety Awareness course.

Course Bookings

All Bookings are Online via our booking portal

(Make sure to choose the Handgun Safety Course)

What to bring with you to the course:

Each attendee will be required to complete (NORI) paperwork, So please be there on time so that we can start on time!

You MUST bring with you two forms of ID.

One of which must be a photo ID. For example Drivers Licence and Medicare card.

If Attendees must submit to visual identification process in accordance with Victoria Police and
SSPC training attendee ID requirements

You also must bring your endorsed SSPC Introduction to Handguns booklet that you received at
the end of your Introduction to Handguns course.

You will need to bring a pre completed NORI Form, Download HERE

Please bring your own safety glasses and earmuffs.

Bring a notepad and pen.