SSPC maintain a detailed competency based training programme for all new members.


SSPC has one of the best Introduction to Handguns programs in the country.

The club regularly receives requests from other clubs around the country to use our Introduction to Handguns course.

In time, this will also true of our “Training for Your Handgun License” program.

Introduced mid 2016, the program has become a “hit” with all new members and shooters to join the club.

In order to ensure that we provide a training pathway for these members, we felt the need to introduce a training plan to take new members from the NORI stage, through their provisional license to a full license and purchase of their own handgun.

This programme has been seen to produce members who are better skilled and safer, thus producing a better experience for members.

What does the Training Plan look like?

A copy of the booklet can be downloaded HERE.
This booklet will be refined over time to ensure it is relevant in both content and in training value.

When will this program start?

All attendees to the Introduction to Handguns Course who intend to come back to the club will
receive a training booklet.

What about current Provisional Licence Holders?

If you currently hold a Provisional Licence you will still need to do this program as it will make you a better shooter faster.