There are a number of steps involved in joining SSPC and obtaining a handgun licence
if you are new to the shooting sport

Download SSPC Joining Process

If you already have a Victorian General Category Handgun Licence or are licensed in interstate Australia or overseas,
please go HERE for further information.

1. Complete the Introduction
to Handguns Course

Your first step is to book in for the Introduction to Handguns course.

This course is run at least three per month from the Springvale Range and
covers basic handgun safety, range safety, shooting fundamentals and an
introduction to our club.

The course costs $160.00 and includes use of club guns and ammunition.

The range entry fees at the Springvale Rangevary according to SSAA membership type. See the SSAA Victoria web site for more information.

More details can be found here: Introduction to Handguns course

2. Join the SSAA

We are a sub-club of the SSAA, as such you must be a member of the SSAA before becoming a member of our club.

You can join online at the SSAA – Membership Portal

SSAA joining forms are also available from the front desk at the Springvale Range

Remember that your SSAA membership comes with a monthly magazine and you get a discounted range entry fee!

3. Apply For Membership to SSPC

Once you have completed the Introduction to Handguns course, completed at least two more NORI participations, joined the SSAA  you are ready to apply to join the club!

1. Complete the membership form,
2. Include a copy of your participation record from your Introduction to Handguns book,
3. Include a passport style/sized photo and,
4. Include a copy of your SSAA membership card/receipt.

All applications are to be Hard Copy  format and submitted via the Green Letterbox outside Range 1 at Springvale.

Applications for membership are reviewed at each committee meeting (4th Wednesday of the month).

If your application is accepted then you will be required to pay the joining fee which covers your membership until the 30th of April for the year of joining.

As a new member, you can keep shooting using NORI forms (up to a total of 13 times) until your provisional licence is issued.

You can download a membership form here: SSPC Membership Application Form

4. Complete Supervised NORI Participations (Shoots)

After you have completed the intro course, you will be able to come down to the range and participate in supervised (NORI) shoots along with our other members.

NORI stands for Notice Of Receiving Instruction and this form is completed by you and your instructor, and then forwarded to Victoria Police by the club.

You need to do this at least twice more, on separate days, and each time you participate in a supervised shoot you will be required to complete a NORI form.

You will also need to get the Range Officer to record your participation in the back of you Introduction to Handguns booklet as received on the Introduction to Handguns course.

Important Note Completion of these books are vital to documenting your progress as a new shooter and forms part of your membership acceptance requirements!

Monday and Wednesday nights are the best nights to do these NORI shoots, but you can do them on other nights, subject to existing members having priority over range access.

Please remember to introduce yourself to the Range Officer on duty and explain that you would like to complete a NORI shoot.

Should the range session be busy, please be patient and take advice from the Range Officer.

You can download a copy of the NORI form here: Notification of Receiving Instruction Form and we recommend you pre complete all your details to save time on the range.

5. Complete the Handgun Safety Course

Dates for the handgun safety course are available from our Calendar. The cost is $140.00 and you must book and pay online.

The range entry fees at the Springvale Range vary according to SSAA membership type. See the SSAA Victoria web site for more information.

Safety courses are held regularly and generally go from 9:00am until 4:30pm on a Saturday.

After completing the safety course you will be issued with a Handgun Safety Course certificate that will require a copy to be submitted with your handgun licence application.

More details can be found here: Handgun Safety Course

6. Apply for a Provisional Handgun Licence

Once we have accepted your membership of the SSPC, you can apply for your Provisional Handgun Licence.

This licence will allow you to shoot and participate in competitions using club handguns and without having to complete NORI paperwork.

The minimum probationary licence duration is at least 6 months and during this time you must participate in at least 5 competitions with our club.

Note that it takes at least 1 month for the police to process your provisional licence and while you are waiting for it to arrive you can continue to shoot with us using a NORI form.

Please note that you cannot purchase a handgun while on a provisional licence and you will be under the supervision of another club member/RO while shooting on the range with any firearm.

You can download an application form here:

Important Note You will need to arrange for the Victoria Police to take your fingerprints, incorporating a National Police Records Check, as part of this process.

Details of this process can be found here: Fingerprinting for Licence Applications

7. Keep participating in Competitions!

Now that you have your Provisional Handgun Licence you can participate in almost all of the competitions and shoots which are held by the SSPC.

You can compete in most competitions held at SSPC and please view the competition calendar to confirm which dates, days and times suit you.

Some shooting disciplines / competitions require you to have a holster qualification for regular participation and this can be obtained once you have a full licence and are more experienced.

Important NoteYou MUST ensure you complete the training program WELL BEFORE the expiry of your Provisional Handgun Licence!

As a Provisional Handgun Licence CANNOT be renewed, you only get ONE opportunity by Victoria Police to use the Provisional Licence program

Processing for a Provisional Licence to a Full Licence can take anywhere from 28 days upward so be on time and be diligent with submitting your paperwork!

8. Apply for a Full Handgun Licence

After holding a Provisional Handgun Licence for at least 6 months and having participated in at least 5 competitions you can apply for a full General Category Handgun (Cat H) Licence.

Victoria Police LRD will send you a Notice of Expiry on your Provisional Licence with enough time to submit your full Cat H application.

Your full licence application needs to be submitted to, approved and endorsed by, the SSPC committee at the monthly committee meeting (same as your initial SSPC membership).

Once approved, the club will submit the application to LRD for processing on your behalf.

After you receive your full Cat H Licence (plastic card) you can complete the process in purchasing your own handgun.

You can download a Full Licence Application form here: