The Introduction to IPSC Course is a compulsory step for both new and existing club members who are not currently participating in but want to shoot the IPSC discipline. There is both pre-reading and theory learning assessment document completion required prior to attendance so that on range instruction time can be maximized.

Successful completion of the course will result in attendees being issued with a Holster Qualification that is necessary in order to participate in both IPSC and Australian Police Service Match (APSM) with SSPC

NOTE: Effective 01 May 2019 – Proof of Membership to IPSC Australia WILL be required PRIOR to participating in the SSPC IPSC Tuesday and Thursday practice matches and all other IPSC competitions – SSPC Committee

IPSC is a very dynamic form of practical shooting that requires the utmost attention and adherence to safety. The course is also used as a refresher course for those shooters who may be directed by the club to complete the session due to absence out of the sport and those requiring safety re-familiarisation.

This course is also used to allow participants to gain club holster qualifications as recognised in both the Australian Police Service Match (APSM) and IPSC shooting disciplines.

The course is delivered by qualified SSPC IPSC Range Officers and must be successfully completed and passed for eligibility in participating in weekly, monthly and any inter-club IPSC/APSM competitions.


When attending this course, any registered participant must bring with them:

  • Eye and ear protection
  • SSPC membership card
  • Full Category H licence
  • Pants or shorts with at least 5 belt loops (required to safely wear an IPSC belt rig)
  • Comfortable, appropriate clothing (no low cut tops, singlets or open-toed shoes) – remember to bring a coat if rain is predicted
  • 150 rounds of suitable ammunition (club or factory ammunition if using club handgun)
  • Personal items such as water and sun block

Please note:

When attending this course, any registered participant must bring with them:

  • Participants are permitted to use their own equipment provided it meets IPSC rules and is approved for use by the instructor on the day (the club has a selection of approved equipment for use)
  • As single action and double action capability is tested in the course, only centre fire pistols are permitted to be used in the course.
  • Personal handguns if used must have a mechanical safety.
  • Minimum of 4 magazines are required if using personal firearm for course.
  • Personal ammunition must not have a power factor over under 180.
Course Structure

Prior to attending course, in your own time:

  • Off Range Theory in own time prior to course (about 1 & 1/2 hours).
  • All required reading and examination documents will be emailed out for study, completion and return by email in the week prior to Range attendance.

Dry Fire on Range (about 30-45 Minutes):

  • IPSC Range Safety Briefing
  • IPSC Range Etiquette
  • The IPSC Range Commands
  • Safely Loading/Unloading On The Line
  • Malfunctions & Stoppages
  • Safety Breaches
  • There will be a written assessment recorded of the theory component.

Live Fire / Practical On Range Drills (about 1.5 hours):

  • Static Single & Double Shots
  • Reloading
  • Strong Hand & Weak Hand
  • Strong Hand to Weak Hand Transfer
  • Turning, Drawing & Shooting
  • Drawing, Motion & Shooting
  • Drawing, Kneeling & Shooting
  • Shooting Prone
  • Barricade Shooting

Please note:

When attending this course, any registered participant must bring with them:

  • There will be a written assessment recorded of the practical components of the course.
  • Any sustained safety breach will result in expulsion from the course without refund.
  • The cost of the course per participant EXCLUDES range entry and ammunition costs (150 rounds required)
  • The use of centre fire handgun ONLY in calibre of 9mm in Semi-Automatic is mandatory.
  • Only club approved ammunition is allowed to be used in club firearms.
  • Participants intending to use club firearms should be familiar with the operation on semi automatic centre-fire Handguns.
  • Please direct any questions prior to booking to via email before attending course.
  • All attendees must submit to visual ID confirmation PRIOR to commencement of courses per Victoria Police and SSPC club requirements.
  • All the theory and practical aspects above are taken from the current IPSC Holster Qualification Course with accreditation being submitted to IPSC Australia on successful course completion.

Course Change Policy:

We are able to offer you a refund or a change of course date up to 72 hours before your scheduled course date. To request a refund please email After this time, no refunds are provided!

If you need to change a booking, you will need to book into a new course AND PAY FOR IT, then email us the OLD and NEW booking reference numbers and we will cancel your old booking and refund your original payment. Remember you only have 4 hours within which to pay for your booking before it is released back into the pool.