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Handgun target shooting is a great sport and an exciting hobby!

We can show you how to safely participate in handgun target shooting and you will learn how to take part in a number of different target shooting disciplines which will develop your skill and enjoyment of this great sport.

The Sporting Shooters Pistol Club is part of the Sporting Shooters Associaiaon of Australia (SSAA). We operate from the SSAA range in Springvale located at:

714-716 Princes Hwy, Springvale. (Near the Sandown Raceway)

The SSPC is one of the biggest handgun target shooting clubs in Victoria. Our club is run by a large group of volunteers and we maintain a friendly club atmosphere where family participation is encouraged.

We have great bistro facilites where members can relax and socialise after a shoot.

Book into our Introduction to Handguns course and you can experience the fun of handgun target shooting for yourself!

Our Club

Our facilities include five approved pistol ranges for air, rimfire and centrefire pistols. This allows for numerous types of pistol shooting events at distances from seven metres to 50 metres.

Competitions are run on a weekly basis and include ISSF 25 metre, 50m Service Match, 25 m Service Match, Center Fire Match, Center Fire Rapid Match and IPSC

Club members have free access to over sixty pistols in various calibers, which can be used for practice or competition. Both rim-fire and center-fire pistols up to .45 caliber may be used on the ranges, so long as the power factor does not exceed 180,000 (Projectile Weight in Grains x Velocity in feet/second). As with most other pistol ranges, no factory magnum loads or full metal jacket ammunition is permitted, however we do permit the use of semi jacketed ammunition on certain ranges.

The Club is also affiliated with IPSC for members who wish to shoot that discipline. SSPC Springvale boasts a friendly club atmosphere with a well equipped Bar and Bistro facilities where members can relax and socialise after a day’s shoot. Family participation is encouraged at all times.

Our Code of Conduct

Please click HERE to see our Code of Conduct

Your first step in getting involved is to book in for the SSPC Introduction to Handguns Course.

This Introduction to Handguns course is designed for people who are interested in pistol shooting and looking to join our shooting club.

The course consists of 60 minutes of theory followed by a 90 minutes of live fire exercises.

You will need to book and pay for your course before attending. Courses are limited to 10 participants.

Book Online (Make sure to choose the Introduction to Handguns course)

Book Online

Please also have a look at the How to Join the SSPC section of our website for more information.

NORI Shooters

Just a quick tip for NORI shooters!

Mondays and Fridays are the best days for NORI shoots. See our Calendar for more details.